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Why Vegan?

One reason to choose vegan is because it is undeniably the best diet for our Earth.

Eating vegan is the number 1 way of lowering your carbon footprint. The amount of CO2 that animal agriculture produces (18% of greenhouse gas emissions) is more than every single mode of transportation put together (13%).

Not only does animal agriculture contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions, it is also the #1 forest destroyer, eliminating how the Earth strives to clean its air. If you buy “free range” meat, the deforestation increases. Livestock need places to live and graze. When the grass is gone, the animals need to move, so more land is cleared. The water consumption of the business is astronomical as well. To produce just 1lb of beef requires 1800 gallons of water, as opposed to fruits and vegetables which have requirements that are much lower.

Fishing is the number 1 contributor to plastic pollution in our seas due to discarded nets.

All of these #1 contributors, and many environmentalists still choose to support animal agriculture. By being vegan, you better your health, support the health of others and our shared Home. You vote with your dollars. What will you vote for? Not only is it healthier for the planet, but it is a healthier choice for you too!

Resource Links:

Buy Vegan options at your health based Kalamazoo stores:

The Vegan community in Kalamazoo organizes to include people that are trying out vegan. Check out what they do on the Vegan Kalamazoo website:

Support local restaurants that provide vegan meals:

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