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50 Countries Surpass 50% Mark

There are already 50 countries worldwide generating more than 50% of their electrical power from renewable sources, with a dozen of those rejecting fossil fuels for over 90% of their electricity. That is amazing, but where is the US? The US generates less than 15% of its electricity from renewable sources.

That leaves us lots of room for improvement. Europe is on pace to generate 90% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2040. Developing nations across the planet are passing us by. China and the rest of our geopolitical rivals are well ahead of us.

The US does not lack the public will or the technological ability. What we do lack is democracy and transparency. Until the US begins to act responsibly regarding energy use and generation, the actions of the rest of the world will mean little. The US is the driving force behind the climate emergency and must be the driving force in the solution. The power of fossil fuel corporations, international development banks, and corporations with business models based on the exploitation of people and the planet over our elected officials is preventing the implementation of effective solutions. Our pathway to a sustainable future depends on replacing elected officials at every level from city commission to the White House and continuing to do so until we get elected officials who will listen to the needs of their constituents over the desires of the exploitative corporations.

It is well-past time for an economy based on sustainability.

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