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Sometimes it is hard to find good news when it comes to the environment. There is some good news coming out of Europe in connection to the new elections for the European Parliament. European Union voters sent a higher number of climate-action champions to the Parliament than in any election in EU history. This is especially dramatic because this election saw exceptionally high voter turnout.

The source of votes for climate action provides a key takeaway lesson for those of us in the US who care about the future of the planet. In Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, and across the continent, it was young voters who turned out in record numbers and cast their votes for a sustainable and livable future. These new voters are powerful activists and committed to positive change.

As the far right gains power in Europe, the US, and around the world, the threats to freedom, democracy, and survival become ever more pressing. It is time for the US to get serious about facing down the climate emergency and taking real action. A bold strategy of global leadership on the issue will motivate young voters and provide the fuel for the record turnout we will need to elect candidates who are willing to work tirelessly for a better future.

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